Friday, October 13, 2006

Originally released in 1999 on DJ Vadim's USSR: life on the other side, before making a song like this became a sure way to make a FBI watch list, "The Terrorist" is fun and irreverent. In fact this song was so to dope it was the b-side for two singles from Vadim's album. Unfortunately my copy of "Friction"/"The Terrorist" was destroyed, along with many other records and nearly all my books in a fucking fire... Anyway, Moshun obviously displays an incredible knack for kicking that offensive spit. This is displayed is spades once again in a more classical, misogynistic way on "Beotches". This little gem comes from the Kutmasta Kurt produced 2002 release Clearing the Field.. and it is only improved upon with this curious intro.
"Go home to your man...."

Motion Man has new album out called Pablito's Way. This page has a few tracks and a couple videos... they are no where near offensive enough to be properly included in this post, but some bonus linkage of new matterial seems acceptable.


annaoJ said...

awwwwwwww. some.

jimidiggincat said...

last few posts have been bomb. Keep em comein'