Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Keep Your Mouth Shut
Here is some astute relationship advice from grand agent by way of Count Bass D's excellent 2004 release Some Music: The producer's Cut... This post was promted by two factors. The first being that i watched "The Departed" last night and it reminded me that relationships are for people who like elaborate lies. The movie itself was an excellent film with great performances from all the principle actors, especially Mark Wahlberg, who's constantly cursing character was a personal favorite. The second motivating element is the recent release of the Count's new project Act Your Waist Size. Hearing Dwight Spitz always motivates me to be more productive in my own musical endeavors, and hopefully by the end of this week I'll have my turntables and mpc set up at my new place of residence, and be getting busy... well enjoy, keep your mouth shut, and let me down easy.

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The Cartune kid aka the wraskley rapper, aka the tazmainian tongue said...

Word man, me and B-nice are anxious to get those beats, we are constantly writing and prefecting our freestyles. Going to boston this weekend to show some Mass-holes how the maine mother fuckers hold it down. Much love to the Godfathers of Greene, the Tyrants of Turner, and the Legends of Leeds, Dead Dog Aids and Dead Sailor who instilled the skillz that kill and making me the MC i am today. Much love