Monday, January 29, 2007

Are You Ready?

I know I am. keep your fingaz crossed that it actually gets released.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

peep the bullshit

Now mind you, I don't care for the artists in this particular instance, but its rather sobering and scary to see the power that the RIAA wields and is willing to use against people who are essentialy promoting their artists... but any way I told you I'd be throwing up some vinyl, and I warned you that it might be annoying so here's a quick (read lazy) rip of my new "shimmy shimmy ya" 12inch. This was Ol' Dirty's first solo single. its had to believe it was released song is over 11 years old, but the pressing date on the record reads 1995.

Jesus Price! its more Sean P
Church ft. Rock
Like You <= this beat is ridiculous

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mess You Made
Jesus Price Supastar, is the latest solo effort from Sean Price of the Boot Camp Clik & Heltah Skeltah. A few tracks stood out after my first listen to my unordered, unofficial, advance copy, but "Mess You Made" stole the show. I first heard the beat at the end of one of the many promotional videos circulating the net, and i knew immediately that the track would be fire. Ruck is at his best here, sitting back and kicking his depressed flow over the hype beat with some clever word play.

"money ain't a thing, says the guy who's rich
while the broke motherfucker's thinking lifes a bitch"

Saturday, January 06, 2007


a renewed engery for this shizzz... i will strive to include as much vinyl as possible. and that mean letting the tables speak. so listen to that connekt 4 / dj premier song and get ready, nah never that, listen to as many dj premier mixtapes as possible.. in fact im going to go over to ill freq and get some tape rips right about now.