Sunday, April 15, 2007

Return of the Mac
the projects fucked me up
made me strong as an ox
made a nigga cold blooded
aint no friends on the block
just the comrades and co-d's

and crooked ass police
Bang On 'Em

The knock on Mobb Deep has always been that they are actors, couple of kids from the New York High School of Art and Design who decided to act hard and make gangster music. In fact, just before Jay-Z got ethered, he showed his appreciation for the arts or rather tried to disgrace the Mobb at summer jam 2001 by unveiling pictures of fourteen year old Prodigy tap dancing. HNIC addresses this occurrence on this throw away joint (links jacked from, go over and search Prodigy to see eskay's take on the Ballerina P thing). The fact that Prodigy has an artistic background does not seem like a conflict of interest to me. Prodigy is able to speak about violence and poverty without over simplifying or glorifying it, perhaps this is because the pursuit of art elevated his own life to the point where he can look more objectively at the world around him. Whatever the reason, the Alchemist produced "Return of the Mac" bangs... Check the vids

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Mobb released Hell On Earth later in '95 riding the coattails of there own successful sophmore effort, The Infamous ...
This video is telling about the direction of the group. Visually the brighter colors, and glossier jewels, tip off their move away from the grit and grime of their classic second album. Sonically you can hear them gravitating toward the bigger beats, and ultimately club marketability... but lyrically Havoc & Prodigy are still on point here. "Pay attention to the crime rhyme Houdini P" and how Havoc flips that little Doughboy steez with the last line...

Friday, April 13, 2007

I drive with my knees

A Plus - My Last Good Deed
out may day

Now There You Go