Monday, May 07, 2007

He started this gangsta shit.
(remember when it was just ireverent fun?)
we dont 'just say no', we to busy saying YEAH!
to drinking straight out the eight bottle
do i look like a motherfucking role model?
to a kid looking up to me
life aint nothing but bitches and money.

He killed a verse on "Burn Hollywood Burn",
off of an undisputedly classic PE album.
(way before his contract with disney)

rolling through hollywood late at night
red and blue lights, what a common sight
pulled to the curb, getting played like a sucker
dont fight the power, shoot the motherfucker

He colaborated with Chuck D again,
this time on his classic solo debut.
you wanna free africa? i stare at ya
cause we aint got it too good in america
i can't fuck with 'em overseas
my home boy died over keys
of cocaine it was pain and simple
the 9mm went *bang* to the temple

He dropped "Death Certificate",
considered by many a classic.
... and he never stopped entertaining,
no matter how cliche or over the top.
(watch the 'go to church' video... on mute)

Ice Cube  the Great