Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"As I understand, Man is to cherish the Land"
This i think of this song everytime I'm struck with the stunning purity of the natural world. Whether these moments come when im hiking, as i was the case this weekend with my dad when he took this picture, on an extended trip, or in everyday life, Mr. Lif's voice of reason seems to echo in my head as I take in the beauty . On this track, also from 1999, Lif speaks about the purity of the human spirt and the evils or corupting influence of civilization. I encourage everyone to read along with the lyrics, cause "it doesnt matter what your color, creed, shape or size.... arise" is fucking dope.


jimidiggincat said...

Someone recently told me that they couldn't listen to Lif becuase his voice "bothered" them, I entirely disagree Lif's voice has always been therapeutic.

Danial said...

that picture looks awfully familiar. haha.