Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Deacon and Kno have been making some of the most creative and moving hip-hop of this young decade. The CunninLynguists started by Will Rap for Food in 2001, an excellent debut album which showcased the impressive production skills of DJ Kno, the clever and poignant rhyming of Deacon the Villain, and also the skills of one time member Mr. SOS. SouthernUnderground showed the groups disdain for convention, as they dropped Mr. SOS from group to crew memember and proceded to created an emotional masterpiece. 3 years later, following up on a sophmore album already considered a classic by some, the group continues to progress with A Piece of Strange. Kno flexes an amazing sonic sense on this album creating a grand and glowing soundscape that refuses to be ignored, yet manages to provide an ideal backdrop for Deacon's smooth rhyming. The tracks included in this post are from APOS, but i encourage everyone to explore their full catalog.

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