Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Its Valentines day... I've been snowed in all day.
This song reflects my love life, or rather, lack there of. I've been pumping the mixed version from Z-Trip & DJ P. I posted below the entire mixtape below. Other highlights from the mix include track 18 but i cant tell you why, track 19 with a rendition of PE's "Bring the Noise", and "Phoney Phranchise" by Del (I think its the Domino remix) on track 9 ... and if any one knows why the bass line on track 11 sounds so damn familiar i will be indepted to them (my best guess is that i recognize it from another mix, maybe premo, count bass d or some stones throw cat). Any way please listen and tell me what you think. Happy Valentines.

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annaoJ said...

Another reason that this album reminds me of GirlTalk's "Night Ripper" -- the sampling of the same pharcyde song. BUT no one but z trip would sample such badassness as HOW CAN WE SLEEP WHILE OUR BEDS ARE BURNING!!?.
hehe. i like it.

p.s. what is special about track 18?