Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fuck You... that's the movie that we starred in

I've been feeling like an old man lamenting the better days of the past. Now, I could never be of the opinion that "Hip Hop is Dead" (though I understand what nas was trying to do/say with that album) but from time to time my interest fades from the constant flow of new releases. Instead, I try uncover the gems which i have slept on, and revisit old classics... and not get to caught up in negative things like Mobb Deep, being signed to g-unit (along with MOP, who are getting jerked around because cause of a lack of "marketability" aka sex appeal) and never again being able to make another song as smooth, edgy and deep as "Craddle to the Grave"... or that these days Doom seems more concerned with hooking up with an artist with cross over potential than one who spits the raw... like he and Kurious do, once again on this public service anouncement.

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