Saturday, September 30, 2006

BUMPY motherfucking KNUCKLES

Freddie Foxxx has been rapping professionally since his 1989 debut Freddie Fox is Here. In that time establishing himself as a force in hardcore hip-hop and underground boxing (props to unkut). Many of us were introduced to Foxxx when he went on blast, murdering the the third verse of "The Militia" from Gang Starr's classic album Moment of Truth. Foxxx's epic career includes a brilliant 1992 collaboration with KRS|ONE for the final BDP album. On "Ruff Ruff" Freddie spits:

I'ma wake you up and punch you in your motherfuckin mouth,
knock your wife out - take your sons to safety,
cause they're just kids and I wanna raise em to face me
and when they get a little bigga I'ma MURK them little niggaz,
and put their fingerprints on the trigger
-- double homicide, call the vice
another rapper and his family with no life.

DAMN! Thats fucking feirce. Going back before Foxxx's beef with UMC, or his Flavor Unit days, there was a time when Foxxx used to kick battle raps with another unsigned emcee from around the way... Rakim. Recently, halftime interviewed Rakim who elaborated on this claim saying, "Foxxx wasn’t ferocious". This comment inspired Bumpy to record this lackadaisical diss track. I doubt Rakim will even bother to respond to this. I think Knucks took it to Allen Iverson and Shaq harder on "The Lah", which is a shame. Hip-Hop fans got short changed, not getting to see Freddie Foxxx attack with the energy he displays on tracks like "P.A.I.N.E.", which, by the way, is one of the illest songs i have ever seen performed live. Regardless, I await his up coming Amerikkkan Black Man LP with intrigue.

Bonus Tracks
Crazy Like A Foxxx(1993)...
Can't Break Away

Industry Shakedown(2000)...
The Mastas ft. M.O.P.
R.N.S. (Produced DJ Premier)

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Astro Boy said...

This is an absolutely epic post and one that is definitely appreciated. I'm on my parent's dial-up at the moment, so I have little opportunity to enjoy all of these tracks, but I look forward to it very much.

Thanks for giving Bumpy Knuckles so much love.