Thursday, September 28, 2006

"... you should be steppin' to the rally fat
not just with dough,
but with the knowledge you know..."

first of all i'd like to say peace to "the nation of the five percent, that
sent intelligent brothers to represent". these "intelligent brothers"
revolutionized rap, through fresh slang and a sense of social
responsibility. take the time to read the linked wikipedia acticle, you
will probably understand at least ten percent more of wu-tang's lyrics.
i also think the general philosophy of the nation of gods and earth
is very appealing... individual divinity is a great concept, if it wasnt
for the racial tilt i'd be right there with them.
anyway, this track from 1991 teams a couple elite rap crews as
brand nubian helps kmd kick off the lead single from the excellent
mr. hood album. in case you are wondering why the voice on the first
verse sounds familiar, thats zev love x who will become mf doom
in the wake of his brothers tragic death.


Jesse said...

wow... sort of off your topic, but i have always wondered where doughty got the lyrics for "5 Percent Nation," the rambling, always improvised Soul Coughing song. seemed a little too specific to be a random collection of words.

Astro Boy said...

what would the world be like is subroc hadn't been killed?

more specifically, what would Doom be like?

I think he might be my favorite MC dude...he's too smooth not to love. I can't wait to have his entire discography.

alley al said...

zev love x = x evolvez, backwards