Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Original Remix
Original mixes vs Album Versions
 vol. 3

Kool G Rap - What's More Realer Than That
"Can't be mad that a nigga tryin' to grow and change"

I am pretty sure that the only reason why the original of this cut didn't make the album was that it was leaked a full 8 months before the album was actually released.

Original Mix (Produced by Marks)
Leaked January 18th, 2007

Album Remix (Produced by Domingo)

Released September 25th, 2007
If anyone wishes to opine about the artistic value added by the remix, I will be eager to listen. But until convinced otherwise, I believe that this was an effort to give his hardcore fans something newish, after a heavily leaked and very delayed album release process sapped much of the anticipation for his project.

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