Saturday, July 23, 2011

Das Racist

Rapping 2 U
"hello, young coco butter, who is you?
white people love me like they love Subarus
My eyes is droopy, mommy, that's what doobies do"

Das Rasict is... good.
They are making dope music... good hip hop, casual relaxed flows, dope beats, humor with out trying to hard. It just sounds natural, not much else to say.

Above Rapping 2 U is my personal favorite, and below is a song that some say the follow song sums up there whole style: "We're not joking, just joking we are joking, just joking we're not joking" and so on...

So yeah, listen to these joints, and if you're feeling the flavor go and download both of their free albums and pump this in your head phones or ride.

Hahahaha JK

"were not racist, we love white people
ford trucks, apple pies, bald eagles"

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