Monday, November 08, 2010

The Original Remix
Original mixes & Album Versions
 vol. 2
SA Smash - Illy

"ain't shit worse than the waste of talent
still life goes on with out it
still real nigguhz do somethin' about it"

'Mu & Metro saved this gem for the hard core heads. Only the  Vinyl single buyers got this little gem (and the solid b side Niggales Cage).
Illy was a stand out track on the album, in no small part because of the rich production of the remix. The thumping, throbbing, warmth of the beat invites the listener to nod their head and enjoy. The original Camu Tao production is much more somber and simple. 

As colorful and fun as the album version is, after listening to the composition in its original form, its hard to hear the chorus seemingly being framed as celebration of success rather than a lament. 

The mood and music of the original is clearly more fitting (as it almost certainly was the inspiration) for the lyrics. Just look how Metro starts of the song:
"I write to melancholy rhythms with the colors of pain,
 with a chemical imbalance that could smother your brain."


R.I.P. Camu Tao
Keep Rocking Metro
Thank You


susannah said...

hahaha. i looked for this album recently and couldn't find it. glad you posted this song!

susannah said...

the original sounds like the music to dance with devil by immortal technique... incredibly similar. it is very dark. i like it. don't remember listening to this as much as El-P's way more upbeat remix, his version definitely fit the mood of the album better. But i think the original fits the song, and gives me an entire new perspective on those guys.

eyse said...

Right on 'san. Great point about the El-P version fitting right in with the mood of the album... it would be pretty sad to go from "Get Home" to the original version.