Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"see im a bronx niggguh, i dont beg your pardon
i was twelve or thirteen when hip hop started
i helped lay the cement and when the concrete hardened
i watched hip hop grow from the concrete garden"
Grandmaster Caz


Brandon said...

dead dog's rhyme repertoire is bottomless
that ma-fuckah is a hip-hop-potamus

new link bro.

Brandon said...

my b. use this one. i took out the subfolder.

MegAn Ross said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MegAn Ross said...

what's up? whats the name of Grandmaster Caz's song u posted? "see im a bronx niqquh..." i been looking for it everywhere and cant find it, if u get back at me with the name that be great. peace!!

Eben Dingman said...

+MegAn Ross. The song is back up. its called "ayayaya" from FILTHEE (of Filthee Imigrants) ft Ice T and Grandmaster Caz.