Thursday, November 15, 2007


Thank you for changing the way I thought about rhyming. Thank you for this. Thank you for confusing the stupid. Thank you for offending the uptight. Thank you for disregarding all form and fashion. Thank you for always being true to yourself. I know the government killed you, they are always scared of what they don't understand. Earthday Osiris.

"Dirty to the brain like drops of acid rain. Clang, clang, clang, rhymes pluckin at your brain. So take a sip from the cup of death, and when you're shaking my right hand, I'll stab you with the left" Cuttin' Headz

"I killed all the government microchips in my body, I'm the paranoid nigga at your party." Nigga Please

"you better be happy the ol' dirty bastard is here.... to beat the shit out of all you faggot punk ass motherfuckers" Rollin' Wit You

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Dingman said...

What happened? Why are you sure the government was complicit in this instance? Mind you, I don't find that implausible - I am just totally ignorant of the incident you are referring to. (Probably means I am not qualified to read your blog, eh?)